Manipulating Zoe into making the first move, Ray and her have a sexual summit meeting of "the big breasts" and it's an impressive sex scene.

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Sam later confides that she's also had sex with Faye, and so it goes in the round-robin lesbianism of this tight-knit little community.

Individual scenes are entertaining and at times riveting, but the problem with Kaleeko's conception is that it requires maximum suspension of disbelief, as the duped characters have to behave slow on the draw in order to get suckered into sex, sex and more sex.

That's the implicit pact that Girlfriends Films makes with its audience: the fans want to see lesbian clinches over and over again, making the outcome of every scene inevitable.

Obscure to a fault, Girlfriends Films' mystery filmmaker Marda Caleeko keeps the pot boiling in this fourth episode of her "Imperfect Angels" saga, a lesbian drama with the church lurking in the background (with its anti-gay/lesbian views).

Because this is an ongoing story, akin to "Peyton Place" of old, it is difficult to review each chunk but such is my lot.

Opening segment concerns some insidious plotting & scheming which probably requires binging on previous and following episodes to follow exactly.

We have lovely Jana Cova taking blackmail photos of nude and even lovelier Sam Ryan, but the import of those pictures is not addressed in this video.

Lots of exposition is delivered when Dana De Armond visits naive Faye Reagan subathing by her pool, and we hear plenty of gossip.

Of course Faye is Dana's current sexual victim, but director Marda here errs in having the relatively innocent Reagan give as good as she gets in bed, out of character and strictly for the fans' benefit.