New for 2016-17 Lion Cubs for Kindergarten age boys!

Scouting involves hands on activities based on citizenship training, character development and personal fitness.

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page and contact Stacy Ford at 508-304-3923 or [email protected] more information. All Cub Scout units in the entire council are invited to have their fastest scouts' cars race in the 2016 Mohegan Council Pinewood Derby Grand Prix! Up to 7 other scouts (total of 10 per unit) can race as well, for /scout.

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Don't Forget If You Haven't picked up Popcorn Please Do So Soon.. We have changed the time to 6 PM arrival for the meetings. We have a fine group of families who have indicated a willingness to help, according to their interests.

We have a high goal this year as we have a TON of fun activites planned BUT if we dont raise any funds we may not be able to do them!!! Its that time of year and we are excited to host our first pack meeting of 2016 Scouting Year...

Den 6 will be in charge and we have the Fire Department to talk about how to be helpful in emergency situations. In our pack, it's expected that all families help out in some way over the course of the Scouting year (starting in September).

Don't worry though, no experience is required for most of our volunteer tasks.

Although your help may not be on a full-time basis, whatever you can do will be appreciated.

In making this short survey, your pack committee wants to uncover ways you can enjoy giving assistance.