Once the person has identified a potential match, there are tools available for them to communicate.The service is currently being used by thousands of Muslims from around the world.This includes Muslims who are resident in the US, UK, Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.

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The thing that Muslims find most attractive about this service is the profiles.

Islamic Marriage places strict standards on what appears in the profiles.

Anything that is un-Islamic like nudity or profanity is not allowed. However, the best part about the profiles is the wealth of information that is contained in them.

Some are now turning online to find faithful Muslims for love, romance and zawaj. This is because dating websites promote casual dating, nudity and other profanities, which are considered Haram to Muslims. This is why the service offered by Islamic Marriage presents such a unique opportunity for Muslims.

Islamic Marriage is an online dating service that is designed to address the need of Muslims to find true love.

The service is managed by practicing Muslims, and is aimed at helping Muslims to find their perfect soulmate for zawaj.

The service is unique, easy-to-use, and is run basing on Quranic principles of love and courtship.

It is designed to make it relatively simple to find one’s perfect match.

As such, there are thousands of single Muslims who are currently using the service.