=)Well half the time I don't know what he or other guests are rambling on about on those variety shows, but from the way the seniors/senpais seem comfortable joking w/him or how they like to treat him like a lil bro, I guess his personality can't be too bad in real life? Wish more of his interviews get transl to Chinese, but turns out he watched A. in preparation for ZK, and I guess that paid off heehee.There are so many dramas/movies he can watch for his fall drama.

aibu saki and hayami mokomichi dating-23

^^ (Although, I think LF/Change got a bit lucky this time because Rookies wasn't in contention.) And the new ad.

For some reason, this looks like a studio set to me w/him being keyed on, but I think I'll faint if I see someone like this walk past the bus-stop near my place: *gasps* ^ First let me drool on that cap... That closeup later on when he was all casual with a hint of a smile then snapped into all serious focused 'work' mode in a split second took at least couple gasps of my breath away...

I think he just looks so out of this world terrific, that's y he doesnt 'belong' to a regular street corner. O GAWD xento...mention of Kdrama and its 'fav' obsession is givin me the creeps and the horrors of past kdrama traumatic repressed memories resurfacing...

I just finished watching Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot.

I realised how much I’ve missed the drama and I cried again.

I can’t say I was too disappointed with the ending, just that Nighto died for the second time is rather too much and just too sad for me.

*sniff sniff* “ ” his words pierced through my heart.

Despite its sad ending, this special is still sugoi to me personally unlike most drama specials that has wayy too many flashbacks.

Zettai Kareshi flashback is just nice and necessary.

I think LJH was standing on stage because in her other pix w/ Takenouchi and Sato, she was a lot shorter.

And to think that Moco will be paired up w/a 6yr old girl next, papa-Moco will look even more like a giant.