If the audiologist prescribes a non-contract hearing aid, the hearing aid service provider must obtain authorization by providing either: The hearing aid service provider who bills for the repair of a non-contract aid must obtain and include the purchase date and the purchase warranty expiration date of the hearing aid from the manufacturer.If the aid is under warranty, MHCP will not reimburse providers or manufacturers for repairs or the cost of returning the aid to the manufacturer.

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The dispensing fee includes: Providers may submit dispensing fee claims when providing replacement hearing aids.

If a dispensing fee has already been paid, authorization is required.

For example, providers may bill (with authorization) an additional dispensing fee when hearing aids are replaced under the loss and damage warranty.

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This section provides policy and billing information for hearing aid service providers including audiologists and hearing instrument dispensers.

Hearing Aid Volume Purchase Contract All hearing aids must be purchased directly from manufacturers participating on the Hearing aids that do not prove satisfactory to a user are to be returned to the manufacturer within 90 days from the date the hearing aid is provided to the recipient at no cost to DHS/MHCP or the hearing aid dealer.