I'm Adventist singles man of 29 years of age from Ghana with high school education. You may drop phonenumber on my email for I am someone who prefer calling. Am a Kenyan lady aged 26 .a journalist and an actress as well...

I may like to meet a real Adventist woman from anywhere in the world. Am single and have son though he doesn't stay with me..

I am a Guy aged 21 l live in king Williams town Eastern cape South Africa I am single and I am looking for someone to date from the age of 19 She must be of faith and I don't need someone who is in hurry. Even then don't stop, keep pushing, sometimes God blessings are double, triple, yes even quadruple.

Preferably slightly older than me from any part of the universe.. Thanking God for giving me alot of love to give n would love to share it with my Prince Charming.. Thanks admin for posting my request Have you been pushing yourself and others lately.

Keep push until the birth of something beautiful happens.

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