We did a study last year and found that for domestic flights 49 days (about 7 weeks in advance) was, on average, the optimal time to buy plane tickets.But that number can vary quite a bit depending on where and when you’re going.The most important takeaway from our study: you’ll likely pay a big premium for booking too late (within 14 days), or for booking too early (more than 5 months in advance).

S., although all bets are off if you’re traveling for a holiday or other peak time (see #4 below). Some Days are Cheaper than Others The day of the week you fly on can make a big difference in your air fare.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the least expensive days for domestic flights and Friday and Sunday are the most expensive.

(Monday, Thursday, and Saturday are in the middle).

And that doesn’t even include people who purchase within 7 days (who pay even more! Airlines change fares constantly, often multiple times a week.

Check Fares Early & Often Do you know that, on average, the fare difference between the best day to buy your airline ticket and the worst is $236!

So when it comes to buying an airline ticket, timing is everything.

We recommend that you start checking fares as soon as you know you’ll be flying.

Then, check continuously, at least once a week to get a sense of what’s a good deal.

And when you find a fare you like, be ready to pull the trigger since the same fare may not be around for very long.